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Coffee training/New Zealand School of Coffee

The Nelson School of coffee is for anyone wanting to improve their skills and knowledge of coffee. We offer basic barista training through to advanced competition training and cupping classes.

Our Mission
To help people understand the tasty brown beverage that is coffee

At the Nelson School of coffee we offer a wide range of courses. From home barista basics to the experienced café barista there is something for everyone. If you want to expand your coffee knowledge look no further. These courses are hands on so be prepared to taste some great coffee get covered in it too.

Barista Basics $150 per student 3 - 3½ hour class (min 2, max 4 per class)

An introduction to espresso coffee, this course is designed and developed to cover the very basics. Anyone making espresso coffee should know the basics of green beans roasting, blending and the equipment needed to make a great espresso coffee.

Who should do this course?

• For those new to making espresso coffee.
• Those wanting to wow friends and family with their skills in the kitchen at home.

Course covers:

• Espresso machine & grinder overview
• Extraction
• Milk techniques
• Basic coffee menu
• Cleaning & maintenance

Advanced One on One $300 3 hour session

One on One training tailored to your needs, wether you prefer to learn the basics without others or you want your skills fine-tuned, this is the one for you totally personalized for you. 

+ much more... Latte Art, cupping, soft brewing & workshops

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